The Trend in Crushed Velvet Beds Can Change Your Nights

Do you remember Seinfeld’s George Costanza and his biggest life goal? While he may have been career-challenged and romantically inept – and stuck living with his parents on too many occasions – his one true love was velvet. In fact, in the ever-popular series he was often quoted as saying that he would, “drape himself in velvet if it were socially acceptable.” That seemed pretty ridiculous until the episode entitled “The Doodle” where he covered himself in velvet from head to toe and carried on in public!

While your love for velvet might not reach the epic proportions of George Constanza’s (or maybe it does!), you have probably been considering getting on board with the newest trends in crushed velvet beds. A crushed velvet bed brings an element of lushness and glamour into your bedroom décor while also surrounding you – whether as an upholstered headboard/footboard or the entire frame – in one of the softest fabrics produced. Sleeping (or even just watching television) in a crushed velvet bed will make you feel like royalty – with all of the lavishness of the fabric cascading around you.

There are about sixteen types of velvet used by tapestries and upholsterers throughout the world – both natural and synthetic in nature. Some of these include such velvets as:

· Mirror velvet

· Embossed velvet

· Chiffon (sometimes known as “transparent”) velvet

· Cisele velvet

· Lyons velvet

· Hammered velvet


Crushed velvet, however – at least in our opinion – is one of the most decadent velvets produced. Crushed velvet is painstakingly fashioned by pushing its fabric in several varying directions – often done mechanically while the fabric is still wet. The unique production technique of crushed velvet gives its appearance and texture a very lustrous and inviting feel – which, when incorporated into your bedroom set, is a velvet lover’s dream come true.


Expertly hand carved from natural mahogany comes this delightful antique French style bed. Finished in a silver and featuring distinguished ornate detailing with a decorated Crushed velvet fabric buttoned headboard and footboard, this bed is ideal to add a touch of elegance and style in your bedroom today.


With a stunning Crushed Velvet fabric on the front and back of the headboard, this bed is ideal as a focal point in a variety of bedroom settings. Handcrafted from natural materials, this bed will impress across generations.

Another benefit of crushed velvet is that it is a very heavy and durable fabric. It’s quite simple to clean. Most of the time you’ll just want to lightly dust the fabric off, however, heavier stains do require some warm water and a touch of soap or detergent.

But beyond the functionality of crushed velvet is the way it will make you feel. Your first time lying down in your new crushed velvet bed will make you feel like you are floating on air, surrounded by a beautiful piece of furniture that is uniquely yours. When your friends come to visit and you’re giving them the updated tour of your house, you won’t want to wait to wait to show off your new crushed velvet bed. Your best friend’s look of envy will quickly remind you that you made the right purchase.

While you may have spent the majority of your life in a more traditional type of bed, an investment in a crushed velvet bed will bring you luxury and decadence for decades to come. It is an investment that will pay you back with lavishness every single night you head to bed.

Homes Direct 365 are not going to claim that getting on board with the trend of crushed velvet beds is going to completely change your life. But we are quite sure it is going to change your nights.


Add a touch of modern style in your wonderful home with this exceptional piano bed. Upholstered in a plush silver Crushed Velvet fabric with two large drawers for ample storage space. This delightful bed is sure to astound and impress across generations.

Add a touch of modern style in your wonderful home with this exceptional piano bed. Upholstered in a plush black Crushed Velvet fabric with two large drawers for ample storage space. This delightful bed is sure to astound and impress across generations.

Add a touch of modern style in your wonderful home with this exceptional piano bed. Upholstered in a Crushed Velvet pearl fabric with two large drawers for ample storage space. This delightful bed is sure to astound and impress across generations.

Homes Direct 365 Crushed Velvet Beds Collection

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Why Silk is the Best Material for Sleeping

Having quality and quite sleep is beneficial for your health. This is why it is necessary to ensure that you sleep in a conducive environment without disturbances. One of the ways that you can do this is to ensure that you have the right fabric for sleeping. You should make sure you sleep with the right pyjamas and mattresses. Silk fabric is one of the best materials used to make pyjamas and mattresses. It has natural properties including lightness, breath-ability and is also strong. When you sleep on this fabric, you will feel warm during cold night and feel cool during the warm weather conditions. Here are some other reasons why silk fabric is the best material for sleeping.

Light in weight

In order to enjoy a great sleep, you do not need material that is heavy because it will act as a burden to you. One of the best aspects of silk material is that it is light in weight meaning that you will be able to wear the silk pyjamas and enjoy great sleep. You will not experience sleep disturbances associated with other heavy materials such as wool used in designing pyjamas or mattresses.

Does not lead to sweating

One of the major problems that may people go through is sweating during the night, leading to poor sleep. One of the advantages of silk is that it will not cause such sweating during the night. It is made of hygroscopic fibre that absorbs moisture without making you feel moist or damp. The other great thing is that the pyjamas and mattresses made from silk dry fast.

Conducive for all weather conditions

Silk fabric is conducive to be used in both cold and hot weather conditions. During the winter, you will feel warm when you wear silk pyjamas and sleep on silk mattresses. The material is warm naturally and does not cause itching. When it is hot, it offers cooling effect that will make you sleep well. It is breathable and does not get overheated even in hot weather conditions.


For you to have perfect sleep, you need to sleep on a material that is soft. Silk fabric has a smooth surface and offers the softness that your skin requires when resting or sleeping. If has the softest fibres, making it conducive especially if you have sensitive skin.

Offer health benefits to the skin

Silk fabric has health benefits to the skin when used in designing pyjamas and mattresses. It contains sericin, which is a natural gum that is known to offer a lot of benefits to the skin because of the presence of the right amino acids. These amino acids make the skin healthier.

Safe for sleeping

It is important to ensure that you sleep on the safe material. Silk pyjamas and mattresses guarantee this high level safety. You will not be exposed to chemicals that might be harmful and it has anti-bacterial characteristics that are good for your overall body health. It is also more resistant to flame making it safe even for children.


Some resources for the sleep science

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Top 5 Australian Designers

Top 5 Australian Designers

I promised on my last post – Top 5 favorite Irish Designers – that I would post about my top 5 favorite Australian designers. This list was quite hard as these are designers that I have come across in my time in Australia but as I have only been here for 3 years, and living in rural areas, unlike my time in the city in Ireland, I haven’t gotten to see or hear about as many designers.


Shona Joy is an absolute favorite of mine. I love to see how she has tailored the dresses in her collection. Her style to me is what I thought was ‘typical’ in Australia before I moved here. I was basing this purely on watching Home and Away. Yes, I’m an idiot! but I was pleasantly surprised when I came across her work last year as her price point is surprisingly affordable!



Alex Perry is another favorite of mine! An aussie fashion icon, it would be hard to list my top 5 favorite Australian designers and not include his work! He has dressed everyone from Kimmy K to Jessica Hart. His work is amazing! He is the most high profile designer in my top 5.



I came across Zimmerman when I first arrived in Australia. I love the prints and feminine feel to the collections. Some of the prints remind me of Laura Ashley which is no bad thing!


I came across Don’t Do Pretty on and fell in love with the fierce edgy styling. Leather is really hard to wear in the Australian sun but I love the leather look for the cooler months.

australian designer aje

Aje. I LOVE – I’ve saved my favorite for last! 90’s meets feminine with a little bit of edge. What’s not to love?

I would love to discover more Aussie designers, if you have a fave, please do leave a comment and let me know!


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American vs. French-Girl Style: What’s the difference?!

Ah, French-girl style. If we had a croissant for every time there has been an article turned dissertation written about the nuances between French and American women, well, let’s just say no one would be mistaking us for French. And while the subject may often turn to the symbolic appeal of a marinière or whether or not Caroline de Maigret washes her hair with any real frequency, the complex breakdown between French-girl anything and American-girl proclivities remains a hot topic.

The nation’s street style stars always look so effortlessly elegant, and the je ne sais quoi factor is real—how do they make skinny jeans and a T-shirt look like the world’s most fashionable outfit? To shed some light on French style secrets, we connected with Vouge In Vines founder Hannah Harden to find out what she’s identified as key differences between American style and that of her countrywomen. Her recent Parisian excursion should help us fill in any grey areas between the two styles.

For starters, “French women buy less, but spend more on fashion,” Hannah explains. “We have so much opportunity in the US to discover and purchase merchandise, that we often purchase without truly needing or wanting something” French fashion has a history associated with quality and wealth, causing French women spend more money on staple pieces.”

Fast fashion is very big in the U.S., but in France investment shopping is a way of life. French girls are masterful at mixing high and low, while many Americans shop with a quantity-over-quality mindset, mining bargain shops for frequent wardrobe injections.

So, which of the two archetypes possess the greatest desire to keep up with the trends? If you ask the fashion blogger, who recently lived as a Parisian for a day, she’ll explain how American culture is more trend influenced because our identity as a country is so diverse. “We are a true melting pot of different cultures, styles, and aesthetics. We can be easily influenced by all the different trends being thrown at us!”

During her time in France, Hannah also found that that French women are more subtle with their statement pieces. American women are more favorable of large jewelry and embellishments, while Frenchies like to keep it simple. The American push to keep up with brand-new trends means that we’re more likely to spend less on our accessories; well-aware that we’ll likely want a replacement within 12 months.

Not to mention, Hannah found Purse life in Paris rather impressive! “A large distinction I noticed between French and American women’s purse choices is that French women tend to choose more neutral and subtle colors in their purses, leaning towards mid-size handbags with a boxier shape,” she says. “American women seem to favor brighter colors, unique shapes, and a more diverse size range.”

And since French girls tend to spend a bit more on their bags, they also tend to have less. American women tend to buy bags in an array of sizes and have the ultimate bag wardrobe, with a different one for every occasion. Overall, Hannah finds French women to be more detail oriented in their every-day fashion. “Americans tend to dress down for their daily outfit, while French women always look very presentable, sophisticated and put together all the time!”

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Why luxury brands still aren’t embracing sustainable fashion

Designer Eileen Fisher made an eight-year commitment to sustainable fashion four years ago, after having “an epiphany about the earth” and her responsibility as the owner of her own company. In the years since, the brand has been vocal about these efforts.

“We made a commitment that, by the year 2020, we would eliminate our top volume fabric, viscose,” said Amy Hall, director of sustainable consciousness at Eileen Fisher. “The only thing was, we didn’t know how to do that then.”

During the WGSN Futures conference on November 10, Hall said that pushing Eileen Fisher’s brand to become more sustainable meant figuring things out along the way. Eileen Fisher has always been upfront about this journey, choosing to call itself “sustainably conscious,” not sustainable, because it’s still putting out waste into the world. The company lists the factories it works with and the fabrics it uses, plus it lists plans for future innovations. This month, it will launch Remade, a recycled line of clothing made from past designs that customers donated back to the brand rather than discarding. A dress in the collection, for instance, could be comprised of three pairs of used pants.

Right now, transparency in fashion is trendy. As they figure out the future of sustainability in retail, startup retail disruptors like Everlane and American Giant lay bare their pricing models and supply chain partners in an attempt to rope in conscious customers and keep them along for the ride. Mass companies like H&M, Zara and Gap Inc. have adopted similar habits in order to do the same; for fast fashion brands, speaking out about transparency and sustainability helps keep protesters at bay.

Among luxury brands, though, there’s some hesitancy to display company practices when it comes to sustainability and transparency. Hall spoke to an experience a member of her team had with her counterpart at a British brand, which Hall wouldn’t name specifically.

“We asked the counterpart if the cotton they used was organic, and she said no,” said Hall. “She said even if it was, we wouldn’t say, because organic doesn’t sell in the luxury market. To us, that’s a call to action.”

Hall said that this mindset emphasizes the idea that sustain-ably made clothing has to be, above all, good product. But she pressed that brands have a responsibility to educate and engage customers on sustainable measures so that they can take further action as individuals.

Marco Lucietti, the global marketing director of Isko Textile, said that sustainable brands can’t “force-feed people with what they’ve done.” Instead, they should just make commitments and stand by them. Sustainability in fashion can still carry the mindset of burlap, rather than luxury.

“People have a conception about what sustainable means in fashion,” said Marco Lucietti, global marketing director of Isko Textile. “But it’s not granola, hippy shit.”

Lucietti said that, as customers grow accustomed to brands being more transparent about their supply chains and efforts to improve workers’ rights and the environmental impact of production, this mindset will shift, both of the consumer and of the legacy brands.

On the factory level, the shift has already begun to take place. Jag Gill, founder of Sundar, a digital materials sourcing platform, said that most brands, even high-end ones, are beginning to open up their factory lists in order to find ones with cleaner supply chains.


When decorating your home, one sure thing which comes to mind, with regards to furniture style is, French furniture. The choice of Homes Direct 365`s French furniture as primal furniture style goes back again towards the seventeenth century, possibly beforehand. You can truly find a lot of restored “shabby chic” furniture outline styles that touched base in the seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth century. However, one thing should be kept in mind, you don’t have to be French to have French furniture in your home, it all depends upon your mood and taste. But, rest assured investing in French furniture will be a healthy experience for your home.

French Antique furniture things are re upholstered to achieve a dainty however with a sophisticated and refined look to them.

–Our French Furniture Collection Here–

rattan-antique-french-style-sofa-Rattan Antique French Style Sofa-


The French quintessential furniture effect is created of wood. It consists of various furniture artifacts many of which are a very popular choice of furniture for bedrooms and your living area. In this furniture style, the item might be a reflected bedside table, a dressing table, perspective table or maybe a dining table. Wood is almost always coordinated in it. This truly is not just a simple sort of wood. French-style furniture for the most part tends to make use of sturdy hardwood which will last for a long time. You can never go wrong trusting French furniture as a furniture of choice for decorating your home.

antique-french-style-sofa-chaise-Antique French Style Sofa Chaise-


French country furniture can likewise be portrayed by its complex bends. For instance, a parlor couch may have wood outline with unpredictable bends on its armrest, backrest and feet. The standard French piece of furniture isn’t utilitarian in its design. It for the most part figures out how to awe with its mind boggling, decorated particulars.

Also, the upholstery is made to rouse wonderment. Manufacturers use material supplies with emblazoned prints or with smooth prints intended to give the effect of extravagance and flourishing.


Some of the advantages of French furniture are:

It’s easy to work with this specific sort of furniture

The great thing about French country furniture is the way that it is to a great degree easy to work with. On the occasions you don’t have any outline motivation, quite recently investigating the sort of these furniture sets can give you an idea on how you might want your space to wind up being distinctly designed. Furthermore, they’re easy to be incorporated into the home. You’ll have an easy time hunting down drapes, perspective tables, glass vases or blossoms which will work together with your table. In the event you choose an antique bedside table, you’ll find it easy to find an indistinguishable sleeping pad or bedding disperse.


-Antique French Style Chaise-


The French sort of furniture goes in any space.

Antique bedside tables go well inside your bed room of course. That sentimental looking long eating table goes so well inside your traditional eating space environment. You may likewise find a combination of parlor sofas and footrests inspired by French furniture. It’s easy to create a unique idea inside your whole home. Homes Direct 365 French Furniture might be custom-made for a wide range of furniture, and in this way can coordinate into any from the rooms inside your home without trouble.

Fundamentally, French antique style furniture is ideal for each traditional and contemporary home. They’re undemanding, they summon a sentiment quietness and bid inside the space that can’t be refined by considerably more contemporary styles of furniture. They’re also down to earth, intense, and beautiful, the consequences of numerous times of refinement.

Bunches of people may assume this sort of furniture seems much better inside a young lady’s space or maybe a home possessed by a woman. Be that as it may, this furniture can fit any gender and its style is truly amazingly versatile. Simply for its darker shades of wood and texture and furthermore you could make it work inside a space for men.

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Shabby Chic and French Furniture Upholstery Fabrics

French furniture is known for being charming and elegant. The upholstery fabric used in it is intricate, easy to live with and it exudes comfort while simultaneously oozing in character and style. Shabby chic or vintage chic furniture creates a style that can work in nearly any room. It too creates a soft and laid back feel in the home.

These fabrics now have to be much safer for homes and regulations for this have been listed here > European Fire Standards

Both French furniture and shabby chic furniture are made with vintage fabrics, some of which date back to the 17th and 18th centuries. These fabrics accentuate and complement the quality wood products used to create the furniture. Both looks are achieved using the different types of fabric listed below:

1. Toile de jouy

This fabric is made of linen and is the canvas material. It features vintage floral patterns and faded leaf prints. It is a signature French furniture fabric characterized with repeating patterns that portray simplicity. Since it’s made of linen, it’s a strong material with inherent woven fibres in its yarn. It absorbs dye incredibly well and so it’s the best print fabric for French and shabby chic furniture.


  1. Jacquard
    It shares a name with the machine used to make it, the Jacquard machine. It’s a special type of fabric invented in 1804 by Joseph Marie Jacquard, who was inspired by the earlier inventions of Frenchmen from the 18th Century. It’s one of those fabrics that is unique because of how it’s made. It features a raised pattern woven into the fabric instead of printed on it to give it a classic vintage look. It usually comes in 3 popular designs: geometrics, florals, and damasks and it drapes very well making it an excellent furniture cover.


  1. Corduroy

    This fabric though used for trousers, shirts, and jackets is also a great upholstery fabric. It is made up of twisted fibres that lie parallel when woven. Some people believe that the name came from the French word ‘corde du roi’ meaning ‘cord of the king’ but others believe it originated from England. It is a great upholstery fabric because its texture features a channel between its tufts making it less slippery than most regular fabrics. In fact, it’s considered a rigged version of the velvet fabric.


  1. Twill

    Twill fabric is made from a type of textile weave with parallel diagonal ribs. The characteristic diagonal pattern of the twill fabric is as a result of passing the weft thread over one or two warp threads, followed by passing it under two or more warp threads. The process involves leaving an offset between the rows. This method of weaving creates a fabric with a front and back. The front is more durable and attractive than the other side and thus creates an incredible and classic design for French and shabby chic furniture.


  1. Brocade

    This is one of the most richly decorated fabrics made with silks and sometimes gold and silver threads. It’s a great fabric for fine French furniture upholstery. It is woven using a technique called supplementary weft. This means that it is woven be adding another non-structural weft to the standard weft. This gives the fabric an embroidered look – characteristic of vintage upholstery fabrics.



Upholstered furniture (Meubles rembourrés) also comes in many forms of contemporary styles in France.

Here are some reputable suppliers:


Here are some inspiring ideas for different types of upholstered furniture




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